The 5 best shoulder exercises

20 марта 15:12 2020

Today we see among the exercises for the shoulders which are the best, thus adding another article to the series «the best 5 exercises».

The shoulders are considered to be a small muscle. And indeed, if we compare it with the extension of muscle groups like the back of the legs are. However, the shoulder joint is more complex and provides greater degrees of freedom than when it happens for the elbow, which involves other small muscles such as triceps and biceps. Think about how many movements you can do with the shoulder now. Rotations, lifts .. this is reflected in a remarkable variety of exercises that you can do for the shoulders, but not only.

Shoulders: notes on the muscle group

It also increases the complexity of shoulder training. In fact, you cannot leave out some types of movements without affecting the completeness of the shoulder training session. In choosing the 5 best exercises we will take into account all the types of movement that you need to contemplate in a training card for the shoulders so that this can be considered complete.

Shoulder muscles

As always, before going into discussions on how to train the shoulders, we want to give a (minimal) idea of ​​how they are made. It will not be an anatomy treatise, but we want you to be aware of how your body is made so that you can really train it in consciousness, thus limiting the risk of injury. So that you can know how the shoulder is made, we plan to make a selection of the best items on the net and we think that the most suitable one is » Shoulder Anatomy » on We invite you to read it carefully.

Shoulder exercises: the choice of SuperPalestra

In our Top 5, we will include push and lift exercises to fully train the deltoids. We are also not going to propose exercises for the trapezius, muscle to which we are going to dedicate a special ranking of exercises.

Military Press

In the first place, there could only be the military press. We have already defined it as the best shoulder exercise, so for consistency, this is its place. This is certainly the best of the exercises to widen the shoulders.

This exercise is certainly the push exercise that allows you to lift greater loads and that stimulates the deltoids in a decisive way.

It is a complex exercise because it also invites the triceps, which act as an auxiliary muscle, during the extension phase. It is the exercise that we advise you to put in the first place of your training card for the shoulders when you are always full of energy and the loads you can go to lift are greater.

Alternatives to this exercise are the slow forward with a barbell or the old slow behind with barbell. We are sure that thanks to this exercise you will be able to lay the foundations for the V-back that everyone wants.

Side raises with handlebars

You have surely seen this exercise from the first day you entered the gym. Probably the first instructor you met explained how to do it. Be careful, because beyond its apparent simplicity it is one of the exercises that can more easily create inflammation in the rotator cuff. It is, however, one of the best exercises for the development of the deltoid, especially for the middle part.

So we recommend that you do not overdo the loads you are going to lift since this is the first cause of compromise in the form of execution of the exercise. Also, remember that the inertia that seems to play in your favor is instead a false friend.

Check your weight and don’t let the weight control you. To correctly perform the lateral raises with handlebars, we recommend that you read the article that we have dedicated to the correct execution technique » Side raises with dumbbells «.

Front risers with handlebars

For the front deltoids, an exercise of frontal lift could not be missing. Between the front risers with barbell and the front risers with handlebars, we prefer this second exercise.

The reason is that it leads us to have less torso swing, so it’s more difficult for you to swing to lift more weight. To perform correctly we recommend you read our article » Front risers with dumbbells for top deltoids «.

Reverse crosses to cables

After training the front of the shoulder and the side with front raises and side raises, now it’s up to the back of the shoulder. We could also, in this case, propose a movement made with dumbbells, but in this case, we prefer to use cables. In this case, we adduce a very personal motivation, that is the way we feel the work on the interesting part, also thanks to the continuous tension that gives us the cable. So let’s, for once, win a cable exercise. To find out how to correctly perform reverse crosses on cables, we recommend you read our article » Reverse crosses on cables for shoulders «.

Shoulder press

And how not to end up with a machine after suggesting exercises with barbell, dumbbells, and cables? You certainly found this thrust exercise when you first approached the world of the gym.

The shoulder press is a useful machine for learning the pushing movement which you can then replicate with a barbell or dumbbells. It is a very honest machine, which allows you to lift important loads and also to move stress on the muscle fibers that interest you most by simply varying your grip.

So you can, if you want, go to stress the front deltoids more. To know how to correctly perform this exercise, please refer to our in-depth article » Shoulder press: how to perform it correctly «.

Exercises for wide shoulders

In this article, we have proposed a series of 5 exercises that are in our opinion the ones that should never be missing in a training card for the shoulders. Obviously the type of training that we thought of is oriented towards building muscle mass, it is not designed for a definition board for the spall e.

For this type of purpose, we would have introduced shoulder exercises with cables or machines. So we would have proposed for example instead of the lateral risers with dumbbells, the lateral risers to the cables. We will take care of this type of ranking in due course (before summer)! See you soon with a new article from SuperPalestra!